IGP Enterprises, LLC -
Frequently Asked Questions
How much is the security deposit?
The security deposit is equal to a month rent and must be paid by certified funds, i.e., cashier’s check, bank check, money order, cash. 
How much money does it take to “hold” a property?
A property will be held for you with a full security deposit. 
How much money do I need to move in?
You will need to have paid your security deposit and first month rent at the time of signing the Lease.  The security deposit and first month rent must be paid by certified funds.  After that your rent may be paid however you wish.
How long is the Lease?
A Lease can be written for one or two years.  The choice is yours.
What does rent include?
Rent is just rent.  You are responsible for all utilities, electric/gas, water and sewer.  Cable and phone if you chose to have those.   Electric/gas and water/sewer must be in your name at the time of Lease signing. 
Do you allow pets?
We allow pets at most of our townhouses and single family homes. An additional $400.00 pet deposit is required. Pets are not allowed at our Elms Apartments. Contact us for information on which properties allow pets.

Do you offer lease purchase or rent-to-own options?

Lease purchase may be available on certain properties. Contact us for more information about lease purchase.